Custom Detector SDK

Dockerized Solution for Maximum Adaptability

Ironblocksโ€™ SDK platform provides a dockerized solution enabling users to create and integrate their own custom detectors and response mechanisms. By leveraging this powerful tool, DeFi projects can ensure their smart contracts are protected against the most recent hack verticals while enjoying a fast and secure seamless building procedure.

As each project requires different exploit indications and real-time alerts, Ironblocks is now providing Web3 developers a Dockerized platform that allows dev to build their own detector-sets and sync them with the main array of pre-built detection. Non-tech admins can order a tailored solution directly from the Ironblocks devs, or purchase through an Ironblocks licensed auditor.

This flexibility makes Ironblocks the perfect match for a wide range of clients, including familiar prominent DeFi and CeFi entities and one of the biggest NFT marketplace today , each with distinct security needs.


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