Primary Detector Sets

Malicious Admin

This set of detectors is targeted to find and monitor withdrawals made by one or a few of the admins of the protocol. Among other functions, this detector-set can spot private key compromises, suspicious change of balances and more.

Asymmetric Balance

This set of detectors is usually used to monitor and protect bridges as it triggers when a peer-to-peer balance has gone off-balance.

Open Door

This set of detectors spot suspicious functions implemented into the smart contract. Such functions are usually used as a β€œback door” mechanism that allows withdrawing funds by a bad actor.

Anchor Z

Anchor Z is is Ironblock's flagship. This detector set monitors both classic hacks as well as the most sophisticated ones. Among others, the Anchor Z detection system can easily spot reentrancy, flash-loans, balance changes and much more.

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